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Watchmen Season 1 (2019)

Magnus Dec 12

I started watching Watchmen on Tuesday after my co-worker finally stopped talking about it. He wanted me to see it so bad.

I did and I can tell you that it is not a boring series. It is so good that you might miss an important detail if you skip a scene. Don’t do that.

It is also long, some episodes are longer than an hour… If not all the episodes.

It’s also R-rated and bloody. So, you might want to watch it when your kids are away. It’s pretty mature.

Is it related to Watchmen 2009 film?

The events of Watchmen HBO happened 30 years after the 2009 film. Without any spoilers, I promise you, It would all make sense when you watch it.

Should you go see it?

Totally! I was hooked after the first 2 episodes.

All the events in the Watchmen Universe

This page contains a timeline of events of the Watchmen universe. This list includes elements seen in the viral marketing of the movie.

NOTE: It may contain spoilers.

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