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#Update: Launch Locator Details on GTA V, Grand Theft Auto Five coming This 17th September

Magnus Sep 14

If you are aware, the GTA V game is only few hours away to hit Stores nearest to you. After much hype about your Lead Characters in this urban Game, I mean the likes of MICHAEL. FRANKLIN & TREVOR, and it’s first announcement around 29th of August, we are now pleased to inform you that the various Locations where it will be launched had been announced by RockStar games official website.
So just incase you’re searching and looking for where to grab a copy of the new GTA V game which will be fully out this 17th of September, well, you may check out the GTA V Midnight Locator here, there would probably be events on 16th Mid-night launching the game into the Next day being 17th of September ( Now that’s amazing, seems like an Eve for just a Game?)
Well, they had in fact made the whole thing very easy for us with that locator especially if you live in/around North America or the UK, you can use this locator to find the nearest place where the game launch is taking place. They also assure exclusive giveaways for Best Buys, so make sure you’re there as early as possible to get hooked.


To wrap this up, there’s a Reminder which states:
The game presently, is available only on PS3 and Xbox 360
and the ‘GTA 5’ Requires An 8 GB Installation On PS3 And 360, read this for more info.

You may need having that in mind, once you’re clear with this, then GTA V is all up for you to Enjoy!

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