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What really happened to X-Men Dark Phoenix?

Magnus Jun 25

This post contains spoilers. Please return to the homepage if you haven’t seen X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

Unlike some of the X-Men movies under Sony, Dark Phoenix did not turn out so well at the box office. I think it was rated the worst X-Men film both financially and critically.

But why?

Some would say “I don’t know.” But I think I do.

Cuts and Reshoots

It seems X-Men Dark Phoenix was rushed. The initial runtime on IMDb before its release was 2hr 41min. Means a lot of scenes (or parts of scenes) were cut before it’s release.

Weak Plot

Then the plot had this whole alien invasion concept that I did not understand (I haven’t read the Dark Phoenix Saga comicbook but) I didn’t like the idea of an alien invasion in the film.

Then there were scenes that made me feel like I was watching a reboot of X-Men 3: The last stand. Think about it. Charles and Magneto played chess in a scene that seemed like they were done playing X-Men. It happened in X-Men 3, Mystic lost her powers (died in this one, actually). It happened in X-Men 3, we got to see the phoenix force in action, happened in X-Men 3. I could go on…

To be honest, the last great X-Men film (that I love) is Days of Future Past (2014). You can go see Dark Phoenix if you liked X-Men 3: The Last Stand or the X-Men films after Days of Future Past.

I would show you what other viewers are saying about it but it’s already being pulled down from theatres after its third week. Is it worth the stress now? No.

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Did you see the movie or hear anything about it? Please let me know in the comments