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The Godfather III and Cheating in the 80s

Magnus Jun 19

How much of Godfather 3 do you remember? Well, the story started off in 1979…

I just saw that scene where Vincent kissed his cousin Mary. They started sleeping with each other from then on

If you remember that scene then you would recall Vincent was a womanizer who could not commit to one woman. He literally slept with any girl he found attractive. One of them being a reporter he met at Don Corleone’s Papal order ceremony. He slept with her. The next morning, she begged Vincent to confess his love for her (while in bed with him) by saying “I love you” but it was obvious he didn’t because he reluctantly said the words.

Now, back to the Vincent and his cousin Mary. When Vincent started sleeping with his cousin Mary. I asked myself “What if the reporter or his other women find out he is sleeping with another woman… his cousin for that matter?”

Then I thought “Will they ever find out?” because it seemed like it was way easier to cheat in the 70s and 80s than these days. I mean, It’s not like they carried their telephones around in their pockets in the 80s. You wouldn’t be with another woman in another part of the country and have your telephone vibrating in your pocket.

My point: It was easier to cheat in the 90s than today

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