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Why every atheist should see The Case for Christ

chioma Jun 25

There is something genuine about movies adapted from a true life story. It is always relatable. Except, of course, the aesthetics necessary in narration and acting, that is fiction.

The case for Christ was set in the 1980s. It is a 2017 movie that narrates the change in belief of an atheist to Christianity. We can not deny the bulk of arguments about the existence of God. Producing a movie that explains just a part of that “bulky issue” must be a big deal.

The research, unbiased questions and the one statement said by an atheist in this movie, that, “it takes is a leap of faith to believe in the God of Christianity or in no God at all” . This right here is one out of other truths this movie portrays perfectly.

It wasn’t just one man’s story of his change in faith, but was a careful analysis that affirms the truth of that faith. It avails you an some space to weigh both sides of the argument.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the foundation of Christianity. In the movie, questions about the authenticity of the story of resurrection were answered with medical proof, historical proof and physiological proof.

This simply affirms that Jesus really did die and indeed, resurrected on the third day. Which concludes to say that “if” truly, a thing like the love Jesus showed on the cross was true, then Christianity is a big deal.

I use the word “If” because sometimes, for some persons, evidence is never really enough. It boils down to my assertion that facts, in fact, are not enough excuse to downtalk people’s religion. Being open-minded about a thing helps a lot with good judgment. Both Christians and atheist should see this movie because it allows you see reasons of being sure of what you believe in.

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I cried y’all.
At the resolution of the movie, I shed a tear or two. This movie was a subtle way of telling me to understand the unconditional love of Christ. To see that it is a thing no one else in this world, can ever do for me.