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Men In Black International

Magnus Jul 11

Welcome to why go see it where I talk about movies (I have seen) and why you should go see them or not…without spoiling the movie for you. Promise!

Is the new Men in Black as good as the first three?
Do we get to see Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones on this one?

These questions and more were asked by a friend I went to see the movie with. I answered them all and I will answer them (and more) here as well without spoiling it for you.

Why Go See it?

Men In Black International is almost as good as the first 3 films. What it lacks in a concreteness, it makes up for humour. We all sensed this, not judging by the trailer but by the casts: Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson who were but hilarious in 2017’s Thor Ragnarok. I knew I would have a good laugh when I saw both actors in the trailer. The story not being solid made matters worse.

Why should you go see it? The story is pretty okay, you get to meet some aliens again and I bet you’ll laugh really hard. Unless you don’t like the casts or MIB characters.

Verdict: It is an enjoyable movie but also forgettable.

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones

There were so many rumours to why this happened. I had found a post on Instagram that affirmed Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones refused to return because they felt it was time to hang their suits and step aside for other actors. This doesn’t seem to be true

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A post on Cinemablend confirmed that Men In Black International reportedly had some serious behind the scenes drama that ‘all started when Sony decided it didn’t want to move forward with the long-talked-about Men in Black/Jump Street crossover after producer Neal Moritz (who was one of the main people behind the Fast and Furious franchise until recently) refused to play ball. Since bringing back Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith for Men in Black 4 was deemed “an expensive and not as forward-looking proposition,” the studio decided to go the spinoff/reboot route.’

Men in Black International is the first in the franchise that wasn’t directed by Barry Sonnenfeld.

What are viewers saying?


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Did you see the movie? Let me know your thoughts below

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