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Inception: How Deep did Cobb and Saito Go?

Magnus Jul 11

I recently talked about how Christopher Nolan’s Inception Inspired an Episode of the recently concluded Stranger things 3 and how that episode and inception dealt with the human subconscious and dream sequences. You can click here to read the stranger things review right away.

One of the questions that you might be left with after watching Inception is how many levels did Cobb go to find Saito. The image below explains it:

How deep did Cobb Go Inception

Thanks to Rahul Hariharan for sharing it with us. Rahul also added that “Cobb does not spend as much time in the ‘Limbo’ dream level as Saito, where time moves a lot slower for every minute spent in the upper levels.”

What do you think about Rahul’s thoughts?

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