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Our childhood memories on the line with Aladdin’s remake!

Amy Jun 20

So, Disney’s remake of the children’s classic Aladdin is out in the cinema and I’ve fortunately seen it and I think you should too.


I’m Amy.

The movie was great, I loved everything about it. If you want anything too serious, then maybe don’t watch it but if you’re looking to have fun like I was, then you most definitely should.

The songs for starters were badass and were making a whole lot of sense. They were catchy, fun and had a lot of lyrical content, plus the vocals weren’t half bad.

The acting was superb, I mean with Will Smith, how can it not be. He was insanely hilarious and the little monkey, the one who follows Aladdin, I can say he’s my fav character. Although I do think the villain “Jafar” was a tad bit underdeveloped at first, he ended up blossoming at the latter part of the movie.

The dance number and the costumes were very pretty and entertaining. It wasn’t at all a bad remake and I’m glad that Disney didn’t end up ruining a memory they gave us in the first place.

It was beautiful, colourful, nostalgic and overall refreshing. And that is why you should go see it.

-Amys Artistry.

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