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6 Underground (2019)

Magnus Dec 16

A friend was reluctant about watching 6 Underground because, according to him, Ryan Reynolds’s acting is almost the same in every movie. Just like The Rock in all his recent “blockbuster” films – Skyscraper, Rampage, Jumanji etc. So, it sometimes gets boring seeing these actors play the good guy and act the same way or joke the same way in different movies.

6 Underground is a great action film! So many stunts and explosions as expected because its a Michael Bay Movie – Transformers, remember?

The story is loose at some point. So, watch it with suspension of belief, for the fun of it.

It’s also not safe for kids because there are so many adult words and scenes.

This movie reminds me of two films that were both released in 2010:
The A-Team and The Losers

The A-Team whygoseeit

Have you seen it? Please leave your thoughts below

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