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Magnus Aug 28

Checking out the Latest update happening  in the Marvel Universe, Gambit has rolled up to team with Avengers Alliance, I don’t know how come, but I’m pretty sure he’s been very noticeable working with the X-men just before this decision was made.

There are few fresh stuffs to expect from the new move by Gambit.

  • His powerful Royal Flush
  •  and his Ace of Spades

 By the way, characters joining the Avengers Alliance didn’t only come from the X-men, as we also had the Invisible Woman of Fantastic Four in the Team too. She also had some new power upgrade,

  • 35% more accuracy at evading her enemies
  • Alternate cool new costume which can create Reactive Shields when she gets evaded.
  • More so, she can also use it to protect her teammates using the Share the Future ability.

You and I should be having same thought now, ENEMIES won’t stand a chance.
Have fun playing with these new features now available in Gambit and Invisible woman in the Avengers Alliances game by visiting the Avengers Alliance App on Facebook.

More Source, at Marvel.com

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