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Igba Nkwu Cartoon Video – Another Funny Animation From Our own AREA!!!

Magnus Feb 09

The same Team who previously made the very funny Short Clip >> Our Own Area -Watch the Funniest Animated Cartoon Video Ever ,

The Team recently got renamed to “THE AREA”, you can check them out at AREA.NG
They are here again with another very Hilarious funny cartoon animation called IGBA NKWU which they released on their Youtube Channel few days ago.

Igba Nkwu The Area
Photo Credit: AREA.ng

Imagine an Igbo man (native of South-Eastern Nigeria) spending so much to train his daughter, perhaps he sent her to study abroad but when she was back, it’s time to give Out her hand in marriage, list of items with Bride price was given to his In-Laws but things didn’t turn out as expected… well, you should see his reaction, see the Video… LOL!!!

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