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Comicments is Born!!!

Magnus Aug 17

Call this a mere post, that’s Fine!

Call this Orientation? it’s accepted!

Call it Mission, Hell Yeah

Yes!!! This is our very first post we have made immediately we were born into the internet on 17th of August, 2012.

Sincerely, you and I have gone through a long way seeing Comics, especially the paper prints to the …….huh, can’t recall the name now, and I still don’t wanna ask Wikipedia, so maybe you should remind me of the latest print paper types they started using now. LOL.

Any way, it’s part of why the whole Comicments thing have been established, so You and I can Share One thing! The All New Digital Arts of the 20th Century.

The blood flowing in the veins of Comics and its Authors, the Pencilers, Inkers, Letterers, and many rest of the BIG family.

We will be talking What’s Hot and What’s Not,

Who’s the strongest Man alive in the comic universe, (Yeah, I know you think it’s Superman, but don’t think you’re right), we’ll leave that debate for later.

As a Smart reader, you may ask, how do those guys make those great comic books? Hmm, I mean the cool gadgets that made the greatest comics you read. (pencils are still my the favourite though), we would be discussing the Tools on Comicments also.

Questions like ” Do you Want some some hard Copies of the Comics and art goodies?” From the Issues, News and Reviews you have seen here? We would gladly share where you can get them!

Oops! I think I have said too much, the Fact remains, what’s left unsaid is very much more than what is yet to be Published for us here, so if you love Super Hero stuffs and comics, awesome Digital Graphics, you surely don’t deserve to miss a thing as they’ll be delivered to you, Live and direct!.

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It has begun! Let’s commit some cool time to Comics and what’s nested around it, right here at comicments.com.

Stick around. 😉

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