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The Problem with The Legend of Korra

Magnus Jun 19

My Mentor and I used to hang out on Sundays, some Sundays. He’d talk about Movies, the writers and the lessons in them. Then he would go on to talk about Movies that were not supposed to be made at all, sequels and prequels, mostly. An example is The Godfather Part III. The Godfather franchise was perfect at the end of the sequel (Part 2), then Part III was made. An unnecessary film, in my opinion.

There are tons of other movies that should never have gotten a sequel or prequels but they happened and ruined the Franchise as a whole. Let’s not talk about remakes, urrrgh, another day, please.

That was the problem with Avatar The Legend of Korra. The series ended perfectly at the end of the second season, then someone thought it was a good Idea to keep going and introduced Book Three: Change, a completely unnecessary season in the series. Don’t even get me started with the fourth (final) season.

Think about it. The harmonic convergence suddenly started causing normal citizens to become benders?
There were no more evil spirits but there were violent vines and sand monsters?
Were Bolin and Mako’s origins really necessary?
Ba Sing Se became a shithole, really?!

I’m not a hater, there were some memorable/nostalgic events as well (like meeting Zuko again) but really, think about it. Was a third season necessary?

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